the southside of main

A comedy about the chasm between what we expect of our family  and what they can deliver.

Stymied by young adulthood, Zach returns to his small Pennsylvania hometown seeking a father figure. However when he comes out to his blue collar father, his Dad responds with “Me too”. Besides being gay, his father dives headlong into a reckless second adolescence and needs some parenting himself, upending Zach’s expectations of family and life on Main Street USA.

keap and hope

Greg, an unhip financial analyst, has always taken the steady path, but losing his job in the 2008 Wall Street crash throws him for a loop.   When a powerful, gorgeous artist takes him under her wing, Greg flings himself into the avant garde, protesting the loss of his comfortable life and loses himself in the process. Set against the absurdity of Williamsburg, he and a trio of friends struggle to make what they want to do and what they need to do to survive meet up after the crash.

facing phoenix

Vera, a potent Phoenix businesswoman, has spent decades running her husband Dorian’s cosmetic surgery clinic. He built a career on drastically reinventing patients’ faces, specializing in a completely new physical identity to maximize their aesthetics rather than a nip and tuck. Vera too has received Dorian’s aesthetic enhancement. They’re thriving in surreally beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Real estate development with great facades and cosmetic healthcare tourism boom. Only one problem threatens to bring everything down: Vera realizes she wants her old face back.