Little Ones

Andy and Gordon decided whether to purchase a vacation home or adopt a child. They chose the vacation home. Now their life is an exercise in nurturing instincts gone wrong.

23 Minutes   Narrative Color


Seattle International Film Festival, Provincetown Film Festival, 

Rhode Island International Film Festival, Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival,

Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Torino GLBT Film Festival,

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival,

Fresno Reel Pride, Out in the Desert, Asbury Park Indie Fest,

New Hope Film Festival, SouthSide Film Festival 



George, a struggling pitchman for a religious pyramid scheme, stumbles upon an amazing opportunity to capitalize on a money laundering hand off. Now he must decide whether Jesus would take the money. His capacity for rationalization might be endless, causing as much trouble as it solves.

12 minutes  narrative  HD  color

Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival


Saveta's Gift

A young gypsy woman has been raised to be a fortune telling con artist. When Saveta learns that she has a talent beyond what she learned from her mother, she must decide how to use her newfound abilities.

13 minutes     narrative    filmed on Super 16mm     color

Audience Favorite Short Film Award at the New Hope Film Festival 2010

Official Selection Miami Short Film Festival

Official Selection Garden State Film Festival

Over There

Dominic and Elliot start their afternoon holding hands, admiring a brownstone in a well-kept Brooklyn neighborhood.  When they cross the highway to grittier surroundings, their experiences there force them to see each other in a new light.

4 minutes narrative, filmed on 16mm black and white

Screened in the Lincoln Center Film Society's Golden Silents Series

Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC