Storytelling is all about perspective, here's a bit of mine: 

My film and video projects take audiences to worlds and states of mind they’ve never experienced and encouraging them to identify with unexpected characters. Uniquely developing a visual world and its presentation on camera for every story plays a key role in my inspiration and journey to reaching an audience.  In this endeavor, I also find a sense of humor essential. I think it’s one of the few ways that we truly identify someone vastly different than ourselves or change our firmly held perspectives. So even in a dramatic story, I employ emotionally grounded comedy and seek to create a magical moment, which allows the audience to see their own world differently. These elements span from features and television to branded entertainment and commercials, taking an audience on a journey to experience your story, brand, product or mission.

In realizing projects, I draw on a wide range of experience. In addition to helming commercial, narrative and doc projects, I've played a key role in developing, shooting and delivering network television pilots, series and promotional content. These include planning high profile shoots, managing A list talent, top of the line production resources and huge crews. In post-production, I've edited narrative and commercial shorts in addition to unscripted shows for HGTV and DIY. My editing gives me a strong sense of what one needs shoot to tell the best story with the strongest impression. With that experience, I can conceive large productions and also create a big idea to maximize a smaller budget with enormous impact.

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Nothing fancy, just my point of view captured with an iPhone and some words.